Website Mistake 5: Your Website Doesn’t Capture Qualified Sales Leads

Black line art illustration of a man with his thumbs down.
Black line art illustration of a man with his thumbs down.

There is a Zen Buddhist riddle that goes: If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The question you should be pondering is: If a prospective customer visits my website, but doesn’t leave their contact details, how can I convert them into a customer?

Gathering sales leads

If you want to generate qualified sales leads from your website (and you definitely should if you’re selling business-to-business), you don’t want visitors to leave your site without registering their contact details.

Why? Because if you don’t have their contact details there’s no way to follow up with them. And consistent follow-up is the way to convert prospects into customers.

Make them an offer!

So your site should include compelling offers to entice visitors to register their contact details. Offering a free report, guide or white paper is a tried and tested method of obtaining prospects’ email addresses.

Once you have a prospect’s contact details you can deliver stay-in-touch marketing – online and/or offline. Over time you will convert prospects into customers.

If your site doesn’t offer enticing incentives to get visitors to register their contact details you’re not maximising the marketing potential of your website.

Things to do

  • Write a special report on your area of expertise.
  • Make the report available for download on your website.
  • Capture prospects’ contact details using your special report as bait.

This post is part 6 of the series Your Website Sucks!

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