How to Make an Offer Your Customers Can’t Refuse

One of the best ways to add horsepower to your website content is by making a better offer.

If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to make your offer more attractive, you’ll love this four-part article from Copyblogger by Dean Rieck. It explains 58 of the world’s greatest offers.

The offers have been divided into four categories as follows:

Offers That Raise Response and Lower Risk

You’re probably familiar with the “free trial” and “money back guarantee” offer. But what about the risk-lowering “Yes/Maybe” offer?

Offers That Reduce Price and Increase Urgency

Did you know a free gift of equal value often works better than a dollars-off offer?

Offers That Improve Terms, Add Services, and Make Bribes

Improving terms of sale can often get fence-sitting prospects over the line. Examples include bill me later and installments. A good bribe can also overcome customer inertia.

Offers That Increase Profits and Generate Inquiries

Some the best ways to generate sales leads and inquiries include free information, free samples, free demo or a free quote.

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