Website Content Consulting

When it comes to developing website content many companies are at a loss. They’re not sure what they should be saying online and how they should be saying it.

The rules of print publishing do not apply on the web. It’s a whole new ball game. The consequences of getting it wrong are dire. Poor quality website content irritates potential customers and destroys hard-earned brand equity.

“The graphics and the technology are a minor part of web success. The content is the hard part, and it is also what will make your website a success or failure.”
Gerry McGovern, author of Content Critical

Good content = website success
The secrets to compelling website content are a customer focus, providing the right information and resources, and an easy-to-use design and layout. When you get it right you can expect:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • More enquiries and sales from your website, and
  • A better return for your website marketing investment.

Website content consulting services
With experience in website copywriting, SEO copywriting and information architecture, I can help with virtually every aspect of your website content, including:

  • Website reviews with concrete suggestions for improvements
  • Consulting to determine the content you need to help you achieve your marketing goals
  • Improving website useability and information architecture, and
  • Developing email newsletters.

Let’s talk
If you need help developing the right content for your website or email newsletter please contact me

Copywriting and consulting services

text-centric offers a range of copywriting and marketing consulting services to help you generate qualified leads, boost sales and build your brands.

Website copywriting
If you need a website copywriter to produce the content for your new website, freshen up your existing site, write your landing page, or scribe your e-newsletter, I’m your man.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting
If you want to attract more visitors to your website (and who doesn’t!) you must optimise your website content to ensure high search engine rankings.

Copywriting for sales and marketing collateral
To generate a steady supply of qualified leads and close sales you often need a variety of marketing and sales collateral for use on- and off-line. I can help you create persuasive marketing materials that get results.

B2B online marketing
Qualified sales leads are the lifeblood of every B2B company. Would you like to attract more sales leads with less cost and effort?

SEO – Who Do You Believe?

Today I read a couple of articles about buying text links to increase the Google PageRank of your site. While not totally contradicting each other, they each presented a radically different take on the issue.

A recent article by Armand Morin highly recommends buying a text ad on a site with a high PageRank in order to improve your search engine rankings.

However, my trusted source, Jill Whalen, writes in her latest newsletter that buying text ads, while a valid strategy now, will probably only work in the short term.

This got me thinking about who I believe when it comes to SEO strategies and why. Because the only people who really know what factors make a high-ranking site are the folks who write the search algorithms at Google, Yahoo, etc. And they aren’t telling.

All the SEO “experts” are just second guessing. So if you’re choosing to take the advice of an expert, the trick is to choose the best second guesser. I put my money on Jill Whalen. Why? Because I think she’s credible, her SEO process is systematic and her tactics pass my test of reasonableness. I’ve followed her advice and it’s worked.

Web copywriters note: Jill has written a very good book on SEO copywriting. It’s a quick read and tells you everything you need to know. There are some useful before and after examples as well.