3 Visual Marketing Tactics that You Should be Using

Perhaps not all 3 fit your niche, but in his recent post at SEOmoz, Gregory Ciotti points out that these tactics are seriously underutilized.

If you’re feeling a little “dry” creatively, you may want to check out Gregory’s article. He breaks down three creative inbound marketing tactics, and uses mini case studies to show their potential.

The three tactics:

  1. Animated video
  2. Big visual content
  3. SlideShare (and similar platforms)

Check out the full article to see how you can implement one or more of these tactics into your marketing strategy: 3 Criminally Underutilized Visual Marketing Tactics (Case Studies)

Mobile Internet – First Impressions

I got hold of a 3G mobile phone last week. While I’m excited about the potential of mobile internet, the technology isn’t quite there yet. My main gripe is speed. It’s just too slow. I felt like I was back in 1995 with my 9K modem.

The content that has been created specifically for the medium is generally useable and useful. The provider I was using has a restaurant and bar guide with pithy reviews and tabulated contact details. You can click the phone number and your mobile speed-dials the restaurant or bar.

Website content that had been adapted for mobile wasn’t as user-friendly. Browsing through search results on eBay or dating sites is nigh impossible. It’s very hard to orientate yourself on such a small screen. Also, without a QWERTY keyboard entering text into forms is painfully laborious.

One thing is for sure – on mobile, copywriters must make every word count. They need to be absolutely ruthless with their copy editing.