How to Build a Video SEO Strategy

Video can be a fantastic tool in your SEO strategy, but many companies fail in this area because they don’t know how SEO works.

Phil Nottingham is an SEO consultant and in-house video expert at Distilled London, and he shares some of his hard-earned expertise in a recent article on SEOmoz.

Nottingham details a comprehensive video SEO strategy and gives advice on the four types of content companies should focus on producing. For the full article, head over to SEOmoz:Building a Video SEO Strategy

Optimising Video for Search and Web Writing Boo-Boos: The Web Content Roundup

WebContentRoundupThis week in The Web Content Roundup:OK

  • A Smart Strategy for Letting Your Customers Do the Talking
  • How to Optimise a Video for Search
  • 3 Web Writing Mistakes to Avoid [Video]

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A Smart Strategy for Letting Your Customers Do the Talking

We all know how important testimonials are. Well, this article explains how you can go one step further by writing “customer profiles” – a cross between a testimonial and case study. They allow prospects to step into your satisfied customers’ shoes and imagine themselves receiving the same results.

How to Optimise a Video for Search

Video can be a great tool for building your brand. But, like all content, you need to ensure your intended audience sees it. Here’s how to optimise your video for higher Google rankings. Sample tip: If your video is short, make a transcription and put it in the YouTube description.

3 Web Writing Mistakes to Avoid [Video]

In this video, SEO copywriting maven Heather Lloyd-Martin outlines three major website content writing no-no’s. From putting your company’s “mission statement” on your home page to writing over your prospects’ heads, learn what not to do when creating your content.

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How to Improve Ecommerce Conversions Without Going Broke

There are several ways to increase performance in ecommerce, including marketing and pay-per-click advertising. Some methods can be pricey and will require some hefty backing if you hope to be successful.

According to Alexia McCormick, however, there are quite a number of small things you can do that will improve your overall conversion rate without breaking the bank.

Head over to the Duct Tape Marketing blog for the article: 10 Tested Tips to Improve Ecommerce Conversions without Going Broke.

Top Content Marketing and Social Media Predictions for 2013

If you’re in the content marketing field, you know that staying ahead of the game is the only way to win. Keeping up with the trends in marketing and social media is an absolute must.

As we’re heading into the new year, the CMI blog is taking a look at some of the most prevalent trends in the field – and they’re giving us all a heads-up on what we should get ready for.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, has gathered input from more than 80 marketing professionals, and has put together over 100 predictions for the coming year. Topics range from print to mobile to social demand generation.

Get the full scoop here: 100+ Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions for 2013

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Do you have the same problem?

A good website can generate qualified sales leads, sell products and boost the bottom line. However, done badly, a website can turn prospects away and erode hard-earned brand equity.

My informative 17-page eBook, called Your Website Sucks – The 10 value-destroying mistakes most websites make… and how to avoid them, outlines in layman’s terms how to transform a “do-nothing” website into one that boosts the bottom line.

Inside you’ll discover the TRUTH about what it takes to create a profitable website, including:

  • The 7 qualities of a valuable website.
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  • 90% of small to medium business websites aren’t profitable – find how to make sure your website is one of the other 10% that delivers sales and customer enquiries.

Best of all, the eBook is only 17 pages long.

You can read it in under half an hour. And then you’ll know more than most web designers about what it takes to create a profitable (not just a good looking) website – the sort that gets leads and sales. But don’t just take my word for it…

Recent praise for Your Website Sucks!

“If you own a website, you need to read this book.”
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How to Avoid a Guest Blogging Goof

All the content in the world is nothing but clutter without a strategic plan. This goes double for guest posting.

Jami Oetting, executive editor of The Agency Post, offers some tips to help sites get past what she terms “crop dusting” content. Specifically, she outlines three phases of a guest post’s content life cycle:

  1. Strategy – map out your goals for guest posting
  2. Creation – brainstorm and outline
  3. Execution – start writing and find your supporters

Writing Great Blog Posts & Effective CTAs: The Web Content Roundup

WebContentRoundup21Here are this week’s top seven stories on web content and online marketing as voted by my Twitter followers:

1). Crash Course on Creativity

2). The (Not-So-Secret) Secret to Turning Your  Website Traffic into Paying Customers

3). 6 Simple Ways to Make a Good First Impression Online

4). Why Working With Your Brain Is The Key To Avoiding Writer’s Block

5). 21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs Read it & lift your conversion rate!

6). 20 Quick Tips on Writing Great Blog Posts

7). How To Double Your Traffic By Writing Irresistible Headlines [Interview with Jon Morrow]

Do You Suck at Social Media Networking?

According to Timothy Carter, you do. In his recent article at the Search Engine Journal, the social media mastermind points out the ways just about everyone screws up social media networking. Ask yourself:

  • Do your posts sound too promotional?
  • Are you engaging in one-way conversations?
  • Are you automating streams of content?

If so, you’re probably sucking at social media networking. But here’s the good news: Carter also tells us how we can turn those things around. Check out his advice: Why You Suck At Social Media Networking.

Hashtag Basics for Social Media Marketing

You’ve seen them everywhere: they’re those random pound signs (#) attached to status updates and tweets. They can be a pretty handy tool in social media marketing, but you’ve got to use them right.

Rachel Sprung, Brand & Buzz Coordinator at HubSpot, offers some handy tips on choosing and using hashtags successfully.

Whether you’re just learning how to hashtag or you need help doing it right, check out Rachel’s article here: How to Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing