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Here’s a selection of white papers I have written for clients:

Client: AVD & Project Connection
Project: White paper
My role: White paper copywriter


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Client: ReachLocal
White paper
My role: White paper copywriter


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Client: Centre for Strategy Development
Lead generating diagnostic
My role: White paper consultant and editor


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Hashtag Basics for Social Media Marketing

You’ve seen them everywhere: they’re those random pound signs (#) attached to status updates and tweets. They can be a pretty handy tool in social media marketing, but you’ve got to use them right.

Rachel Sprung, Brand & Buzz Coordinator at HubSpot, offers some handy tips on choosing and using hashtags successfully.

Whether you’re just learning how to hashtag or you need help doing it right, check out Rachel’s article here: How to Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing

10 Newbie SEO Questions Answered

SEO guru Jill Whalen has answered  a selection of newbie questions in a recent edition of her excellent newsletter.

Ever wondered how many links you need to get to #1 in Google? Or, what factors affect my Google ranking? Or, how can I write my website content to get better rankings?

In the article, 10-plus SEO Questions, Jill reveals all, with many links to previous articles with more detailed information on each topic.

A good one to bookmark.

How to Measure Your Content Marketing Effectiveness

You may be putting a lot of work into your marketing campaign, but if you’re not measuring your effectiveness, you’re missing out. In fact, some say that measurement is the most essential component of your strategy.

CMI consultants Carla Johnson, Michael Weiss, Ardath Albee, and Jay Baer weighed in on the topic in a recent roundtable conversation. Check it out to learn how to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing.

Watch it here: Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: 4 Content Experts Weigh In

What’s the Problem with Social Media Marketing?

A year or two ago, everyone was going great guns in social media marketing. Social media was the new saviour, and everyone had great expectations. A short way down the line, reality is beginning to set in.

Social media marketing takes time, resources, commitment and a lot of creativity. Jeff Bullas, a consultant, coach, mentor and speaker, tackles the overarching social media problems facing many companies today – and gives some tips on how to make the tool work to our advantage.

Hit the jump to understand The Big Problem with Social Media Marketing

Six Skills for Sales Superstars

The sales process is quickly evolving, and sales professionals are having to up their game in order to keep up with the modern environment. John Jantsch discussed this subject recently and detailed six key disciplines that every sales professional should be striving for:

  1. Community building
  2. Lead defining
  3. Difference making
  4. Channel guiding
  5. Reputation building
  6. Inbound attracting

Hit the jump to find out why these skills are so important – and how to develop them in your day to day work: The 6 Disciplines of the New Sales Professional

How Long will Facebook Last?

While Facebook boasts over a billion users, the internet is a fickle place. That means that if Facebook hopes to remain relevant, it’s going to have to keep evolving. Many are left wondering about the future of the Facebook phenomenon.

Ekaterina Walter discussed the subject in her recent podcast on the Duct Tape Marketing blog. She points out how Facebook has drastically influenced the internet – and how it might continue to do so.

How to Measure Social Media

Social media definitely has its place in marketing; however, there’s a lot of controversy over how to measure its worth. As marketers, we must be able to get the most out of it, and we can’t allow our clients to be mislead. To answer the question, Eric Pratum of Inbound & Agile sat down with five experts in the field.

BlitzLocal CEO Dennis Yu, marketer Ian Lurie, EdgeRank expert Chad Wittman, Social Nerdia founder Esteban Contreras, and consultant Bob Knorpp met with Eric Pratum to discuss the subject of measuring and valuing social media.

Hit the jump for the great debate: What Five Experts have to Say About Measuring Social Media

Ten Tips for Writing Great Copy

In his recent article on Copyblogger, Chief Copywriter Demian Farnworth states that “
Writing effective copy is both an art and a science.”

In good copy, we’ll obviously see an abundance of both elements. In poor copy, one or both are absent. Demian goes on to share ten example of great copy that sells.

Click through for 10 Ways to Write Good Copy

Mobile Internet – First Impressions

I got hold of a 3G mobile phone last week. While I’m excited about the potential of mobile internet, the technology isn’t quite there yet. My main gripe is speed. It’s just too slow. I felt like I was back in 1995 with my 9K modem.

The content that has been created specifically for the medium is generally useable and useful. The provider I was using has a restaurant and bar guide with pithy reviews and tabulated contact details. You can click the phone number and your mobile speed-dials the restaurant or bar.

Website content that had been adapted for mobile wasn’t as user-friendly. Browsing through search results on eBay or dating sites is nigh impossible. It’s very hard to orientate yourself on such a small screen. Also, without a QWERTY keyboard entering text into forms is painfully laborious.

One thing is for sure – on mobile, copywriters must make every word count. They need to be absolutely ruthless with their copy editing.