5 Easy Ways to Write Better Articles or Blog Posts

If you want to write better articles or blog posts, focus on your readers, not the search engines, advises Nick Usborne in a recent article.

As Nick points out, articles written for the sole purpose of getting better search engine rankings are often over-stuffed with key words and rarely a joy to read.

I believe spammy SEO articles can actually drive potential customers away, rather than increase sales.

Nick suggests a few tactics that can help you write articles that will delight your readers, while still ranking well, such as:

Write a better headline

This is one of my favourite ways to improve an article (in fact any web page). An attention-getting headline is much more likely to catch readers’ attention and keep them on the page.

Tell people “How to…”

You speak more directly to the needs of your readers when you turn a passive article into a “how-to” guide, says Nick.

Create a resource list

A similar tactic is to create a resource list, such as a top 10, best of, or guide. Not only are articles like these useful for your customers, they can also attract links which will improve your rankings much more than a spammy article.

You can read the entire article here:
5 Ways to power up the appeal of your web content

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