30 Blogs to Help You Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Direct mail copywriter Dean Rieck has put together a useful list of 30 copywriting blogs that are actually worth reading. He’s based his selection on who provides the most useful copywriting tips.

The blogs that I turn to when I want to hone my copywriting skills are:

  • Copyblogger – my favourite copywriting blog features several excellent, in-depth tutorials as well as articles by some of the best copywriters on the Web.
  • Nick Usborne’s Excess Voice – I’ve been reading Nick’s newsletters for donkey’s years, but he continues to provide valuable tips and tactics for writing online content.
  • Dean Rieck’s blogs, Pro Copy Tips and Direct Creative Blog, are also must reads in my book. BTW, Dean also wrote the must-read 5-Step POWER Copywriting Method
    on Copyblogger.

I also read Bob Bly’s blog. It’s not so much about copywriting, but always has thought-provoking posts on marketing which usually stimulate a lot of insightful comments. Bob’s a great pot-stirrer!

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