How to Really Love your Blog

If working on your blog has become a tedious chore, maybe you just need to rekindle the spark. After all, as Sonia Simone, co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger points out, “Blogs and businesses in general are a lot like marriages. Sometimes you’ve got to put in a little extra work to keep that spark alive.”

So how can you get your spark back? Sonia offers 7 great tips in her recent blog post. Our favourite ideas:

  • Write your manifesto. Show what you stand for!
  • Learn a new skill – and then share it!

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Quick Answers to the Top 24 Content Marketing FAQs

As the “poster boy for content marketing”, Joe Pulizzi gets asked a lot of questions on the topic. In a recent post on the CMI blog, he offered quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on content marketing.

Have you ever wondered:

  • Where do I start with my content marketing strategy?
  • How do I create more content?
  • Do I need an e-newsletter?

If so, click through for 140-character answers to these questions and many more: 24 Top Content Marketing Questions Answered in Less than 140 Characters

DIY Website Copywriting is False Economy

This week, just by chance, I happened to be emailed a client proposal for a website by a web developer. I was reading through it and came across this sentence: “By [you] supplying us with the text and content, we are able to keep your costs down.” It strikes me that asking a client to supply their own content to keep costs down is

It strikes me that asking a client to supply their own content to keep costs down is false economy. Clients rarely create high quality content. And why should they? They’re usually not writers. And even if they are, it’s unlikely they have any experience writing for the web.

Without high quality content not only is the site unlikely to achieve its goal (to sell a product), but it could easily tarnish the reputation of the company. By trying to save a few bucks they’re jeopardising their entire web investment.

Failing to educate clients about the necessity for high quality content on their websites is a losing strategy for web developers. Sure they might make some money in the short term. But when their websites fail to create value, their clients won’t be happy and won’t be coming back or singing the developer’s praises around town.

Using Long-Form Copywriting Tricks on Short Copy Landing Pages

Most folks steer clear of long copy. Landing pages with long copy just have that icky “as-seen-on-TV” feel.

In her recent post on the Unbounce blog, Joanna Wiebe challenges that trend, suggesting that “some of the highest-converting short copy on the web today is based on simple long-copy principles.”

How’s that? Well, Joanna points out three key long-copy tricks that can be effectively applied to your short-copy landing page:

  1. Bold, centred headline
  2. Meaty, detailed testimonials
  3. Bust one major objection

Find out how to put these tips to use: 3 Long-Form Copywriting Tricks to Test on Your Short Copy Landing Pages

How Social Media is Used by B2B Companies

Social media can be a pretty powerful tool in creating brand awareness; however, many companies are also now using it to boost demand as well.

In her recent post on Unbounce, Sylvia Jensen, Director of EMEA Marketing at Eloqua, discussed the various ways that B2B companies are using social media to sell, promote and engage.

Interestingly though, a full 43% of companies still have no plans to incorporate social media into demand generation. Read the full article to find out why that ought to change: How do B2B Companies Use Social Media?

Who Should be Responsible for Optimizing Content?

Writers often leave optimization to website editors, and editors often feel that it’s the job of the writer. When the two sides collaborate though, excellent content comes as a result – content that both readers and Google will love.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to divide the labour properly. Amanda DiSilvestro offers her insights in a recent post on the Success Works blog. She points out the areas that writer should focus on, and the areas a website owner should tackle.

Check it out: Website owner or writer: which should optimize content?

A Year’s Worth of SlideShare Content Ideas

SlideShare is a brilliant, low/no-cost marketing tool, however, it’s horribly underutilized by most content marketers. So why aren’t more folks using it?

Content Coach Roger C. Parker points out that perhaps the biggest hurdle is coming up with ideas. In his post on the CMI blog, he goes on to offer 12 great ideas for presentations as well as tips for putting those ideas to use.

Hit the jump for 12 Months of Content Marketing Ideas for SlideShare

Is Blogging Part of Your Franchise Development Plan?

Franchisors typically push hard in every area to generate leads; however, a surprising number ignore blogging, writing it off as something for “young people with no money.”

Brooke Howell recently joined a roundtable discussion on the topic and summarized the common consensus in a post on the Reputation Capital blog. They pinpointed three specific reasons why blogging should be part of franchise development:

  1. Blogging boosts your brand’s SEO.
  2. Blogging demonstrates your expertise.
  3. Blogging keeps your website up to date.

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How to Write Really Excellent Copy

While great copy requires a heavy measure of creativity and style, it must include certain elements if it is to be at all effective. For this reason, it is both and art and a science. Those who can properly marry the two produce copy that is truly great.

Demian Farnworth, Chief Copywriter for Copyblogger Media, recently explored ten prime examples of great copy that’s making real-world conversions today.

He covers everything from plain vanilla to storytelling to superlative copy, and offers really excellent examples to drive the points home.

Get the full list here: 10 Ways to Write Damn Good Copy