How to Write Compelling Titles

One of the most essential (yet often neglected) elements of a piece of content is its title. Great content is important, of course, but titles are the “hook”. Titles are what show up on social media sites. Titles play a heavy role in SEO. Obviously, the titles aren’t something to be sniffed at.

Tracy Gold, a marketing consultant, writer and editor, recently published an excellent piece on the subject at the CMI blog. She offers 12 simple steps to putting out a really excellent title for each and every post.

Get the goodness here: Compelling Content Titles: 12 Steps to Creating a Title Report

Tips on Getting Links and Social Shares

If you have a trove of great content but lack the network to share it, this post is for you.

Rand Fishkin recently posted a fantastic video on the SEOmoz blog, offering a handy step-by-step for getting those links and social shares that we all need.

Watch the video or get the transcript here: My Favourite Way to Get Links and Social Shares – Whiteboard Friday

Using Native Advertising in Your Content Distribution

Native advertising is a controversial subject, alternately hailed as “a breath of fresh air” and “exploitative”. As Mark Sherbin recently pointed out though, “For content marketers, native advertising has unique implications. It opens up a method of content distribution many marketers have ignored, making it a potential key to getting more eyes on your content.”

It can be a fantastic tool for content marketers; however, it should certainly be used judiciously. Read the rest of Mark’s article on the CMI blog for some sage pointers: How Your Content Distribution Can Use Native Advertising

Trends vs. Hype: Content Marketing on Social Media

Content marketing is becoming increasingly linked with social media. A huge number of marketers rely on social media for content distribution. Michele Linn, and some CMI consultants recently looked at this trend and asked some tricky questions:

  • Is this trend a good thing?
  • Are marketers doing it right?

Get their answers here: Content Marketing Strategies for Social Media: Trends vs. Hype

How to Build the “Know, Like and Trust” Factor with Your Audience

You might put out informative content in a highly readable way, but you’re only part way there. A strong writer needs more than great content if you hope to grow a thriving, interactive audience. So what’s missing?

Georgina El Morshdy at Copyblogger discusses how writers can develop the “know, like, trust” factor. She offers 30 ideas to help writers become better known, better liked, and more trusted by the public.

Find out how here: 30 Ways to Build the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor that Grows an Audience

The Biggest Content Marketing Problem – and How to Solve It!

The biggest challenge facing many content marketers is maximizing the effectiveness of each effort. Just adding endless content isn’t enough to yield a sufficient return on your investment. Each piece of content must be optimised for the greatest possible results.

Heidi Cohen, an actionable marketing expert and President of Riverside Marketing Strategies, offers seven simple steps to solve this tough problem. Head over to the CMI blog to find out How to Solve Your Biggest Content Marketing Problem in 7 Easy Steps

Getting Social Media Participation to Bring a Healthy ROI

If you’ve invested time and money into a social media strategy, you may now be looking for ways to quantify your returns in direct business or new customers. In a recent blog post on the Duct Tape Marketing blog, John Jantsch suggests that perhaps this is the wrong perspective on social media ROI. After all, you can’t sell on social media, so the whole point (when practiced properly) is to first build trust.

Ultimately, he says that ROI will only be guaranteed by building trust and value in your audience. Only then will your investment turn into actual sales. Hit the jump for the full article:How to Guarantee ROI With Social Media Participation

The Truth about Facebook Ads

It seems a whole lot of businesses are abandoning Facebook as a marketing tool. GM and other huge corporations have yanked millions of dollars from the strategy because they weren’t seeing the results they were after. Many folks are wondering if Facebook advertising is just a dead end.

Perry Marshall talked about this in a recent post on his site. He offers the bad news: “Facebook has acted irresponsibly… by building a crappy ad interface with lousy tools.” But he also offers a lot of good news about how it CAN be an effective tool if it’s used right.

Find out if perhaps you can make Facebook advertising work for you: The Straight Dope on Facebook Ads

Why Media Companies are Scared of Content Marketing

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, was recently asked, “When will B2B marketers take their content programs to Pulitzer, NMA, Oscar level?”

In a subsequent post, he tackled this and other questions. Most interestingly, he points out how the business model of ad-supported content is dying, leaving media companies seriously concerned about the future.

Read more after the jump: 4 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Scaring the Pants Off Media Companies

What’s Killing Your Landing Page Conversions?

If you’re not seeing the results you expected from your landing page, you may have some unrecognised conversion killers lurking about. Gregory Ciotti, content strategist at Help Scout, recently discussed these conversion killers and pointed out five key “leaks” to look out for:

  1. Poor typography and whitespace
  2. Slow loading
  3. Cramming above the fold
  4. Sketchy testimonials
  5. A crushing “wall-o-text”

Find out if you’re committing one or more of these deadly landing page sins: 5 Landing Page Conversion Killers