How to Optimise your Facebook Fan Page SEO

There’s a lot of advice floating around on the “best” ways to optimise the SEO on your Facebook fan page – some of it good, some not so much.

Nathan Latka, CEO and Co-Founder at, has compiled some of the most effective techniques. Save yourself a lot of time, trial and error by checking out the 7 Key Ways to Optimise Facebook Fan Page SEO.

How to Make Any Content Engaging

The goal of any content creator is to produce engaging, interesting material. After all, if a site is interesting, useful and engaging, people will keep coming back. But what can be done when an industry is just plain boring?

Sean McVey, Director of Online Marketing at Hinge, answers this question on the CMI blog. A few great takeaways:

  • Look for common problems and offer solutions
  • Utilise new media like video clips on YouTube
  • Encourage two-way conversation

The whole article is a fantastic resource for content creators, so check it out: Create Engaging Content for Any Industry, Even “Boring” Ones

Survey on B2B Lead Generation Quality

Perry Marshall, one of the top authors and consultants on Google AdWords, recently took a look at a survey issued by The survey covered a huge range of advertising mediums, including TV, print, SEO, social, PPC, email and many more.

In his article, Marshall offers some helpful insights and valuable points that will benefit nearly every online marketer.

His top takeaway: A great email relationship with your customers (and prospective customers) is one of your most valuable assets.

Hit the jump for more: Business to Business Lead Generation Quality

Making Email Publishing Profitable

When we discuss social media marketing, we typically think of the snazzier platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Interestingly, however, email is still the most powerful medium in the industry.

While email might not seem as sleek and sexy as the other mediums, a responsive email list can be far more valuable (in terms of profits) than a large Twitter or Facebook following.

Kelton Reid, Copyblogger’s Media Copywriter, recently took a look at several companies that are turning a tidy profit from delivering daily email content. Check out his article to find out who’s doing well with email – and how they’re making it work: 7 Email Publishers Profiting From the Inbox.

Why Inbound Marketing is Vital for Mobile App Publishers

Marketing for mobile apps takes a unique approach. Many app publishers assume that the only way to get traffic is through the App Store, so they build their apps and hope that the sales will come.

That’s an unfortunate misconception, and Robin Campbell has offered some great advice to turn that idea on its head. Most folks don’t even think of inbound marketing as a viable or relevant option for app marketing. But Campbell makes an excellent case for why it should be a vital tool for mobile app publishers.

Find out how and why: App Store SEO Not Enough.

Learning Brand Storytelling from Facebook Stories

If you haven’t seen it yet, Facebook has recently launched into active content marketing with Facebook Stories. With this website, they’re showcasing some of the clever ways that Facebook is being used around the world.

Obviously, when the Facebook team puts its mind to something, the job is done amazingly. In the case of Facebook Stories, there’s plenty that content marketers can learn.

At the CMI’s White Paper Library, Mark Sherbin takes a look at some of the ways Facebook Stories is doing it right – and how we can emulate that success. A few key points:

  • Human stories are powerful
  • Use all mediums at your disposal
  • Stick to a core theme
  • Include your customers in your story

Click for the full piece: 5 Brand Storytelling Lessons we can Learn from Facebook Stories

How to Write for Maximum Conversion

For the average writer, putting words on paper isn’t too tough. Putting down words that sell, however, is a craft that often requires some careful honing.

Joanna Wiebe is a professional copywriter focused on maximum conversion. In her recent article on the Unbounce blog, she shares some of her personal advice on getting in touch with your audience, asking the right questions, analysing the raw data, and turning all that information into a compelling call to action.

If you’re looking for a higher conversion rate – or just looking to write in a more compelling manner – read Joanna’s full article here: A Practical Marketer’s Guide to Writing for Conversion

Turning Passions into Profits

Most folks put their passions on the back burner while they pursue more “profitable” ventures. Gordon Ryan is challenging that pattern and proving that pursuing your passion can go hand in hand with a profitable reality.

Gordon was living a profitable life as an IT trainer for Microsoft; however, his real passion lay in cocktails and entertaining. Today, he owns and runs ReviveR – a fancy cocktail bar that is turning a healthy profit after just five months in business.

He shares his success story in a Small Business Big Marketing podcast: Podcast: How to turn your passion into a profitable reality

Looking for Local Citation Opportunities

Small businesses are increasingly realising just how important local SEO is.

Local citation is a great tool that should absolutely be incorporated into your local SEO, so if you aren’t using it yet – or if you haven’t got a clue as to what it is – you’ll definitely want to check out Rand Fishkin’s latest video on SEOmoz.

Find the video and transcript here: Discovering Local Citation Opportunities.

The Best Conversion Infographics of 2012

Everyone loves a good infographic – and even better, one that tackles our favourite fields of marketing and conversion.

Oli Gardner, co-founder and  Creative Director at Unbounce, has gathered five of the best infographics on the topic, and they’re jam-packed with loads of juicy statistics and gorgeous artwork.

As a plus, he offers a little commentary on each, sharing his personal expertise in the field.

Hit the jump for the Top 5 Conversion Infographics of 2012