A Handy Guide to Link Building

You’ve likely heard all about link building – and maybe you even understand it pretty well – but whether you’re a noob or a pro, you’ll likely find something new and interesting in Scott McLay’s “Link Building 101”.

In his recent post on SEOmoz, McLay tackles things like link building strategy, sourcing links and tracking progress. He also offers some great questions to get you started on the right foot.

Check out Link Building 101: The Almost Complete Link Guide.

How Would You Do SEO For Rap Genius?

Tom Harari, SEO Manager at iAcquire, has recently put out one of the most fascinating SEO case studies I’ve read.

He has taken on the unique website Rap Genius and analysed every aspect from an SEO perspective. With the sheer number of song lyric websites out there, one would hardly expect much success from yet another.

However the site has recently received an enormous investment from Silicon Valley – and that says something for the SEO genius behind Rap Genius.

If you’re looking for a really brilliant SEO case study, look no further: How I Would do SEO for Rap Genius

Copywriting Video of the Week: How to Sell Invisible Things

This is a fab two-minute video on the art of copywriting. Specifically, how to sell intangible things such as ideas, promises and services.

When a potential buyer can’t look at, touch, or try out what you’re selling, the words you use to describe it become much more important.

Because, as the video explains, when you’re selling an intangible you have to use copy to “make the connection, forge the link, and preserve the relationship.”

Take a look:

Improving Writing Productivity & Social Media Guide: The Web Content Roundup

WebContentRoundupThis week in The Web Content Roundup:

  • Conversion Case Study for E-Commerce
  • 7 Top Productivity Books for Content Marketing Success
  • Nett Magazine’s Social Media Guide

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Conversion Case Study for E-Commerce

Two small changes on this online florist’s site had a huge impact on conversion. Adding a countdown clock for deliveries let readers know they did same day delivery while adding urgency. And mentioning their impressive number of Facebook likes in the header gave sales another lift.

7 Top Productivity Books for Content Marketing Success

Roger C Parker is a hugely prolific marketing writer, pumping out endless high quality articles, e-books and books. Want to know his secret? It’s all here in his list of top seven writing productivity boosting books.

Nett Magazine’s Social Media Guide

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by social media and are wondering where’s the best place to put your effort, this article will help. It gives a concise overview of the social media landscape, with useful tips on choosing a network and leveraging it to achieve your goals.

SEO Copywriting: Let Clients Know Your Rates in Advance?

SEO copywriting experts go through virtually the same interactions with clients. One of the most common questions involves the expert’s rate and the price of the service.

Seocopywriting.com published an intriguing article that provides SEO copywriters with advice about the issue. According to the author, experts should publish their rates online rather than remain flexible about it. Such a strategy saves time and helps a professional build reputation.

To find out more about interactions with clients, go to the original article.

SEO and Duplicate Content: The Truth is Finally Revealed

Duplicate content is one of the biggest no-nos when it comes to efficient and organic search engine optimisation.

Many website owners and marketers, however, fail to understand why duplicate content is wrong and what kind of damage it does. SeoCopywriting.com has published an intriguing article that sheds more light on the topic.

The in-depth report by James Wright lists the negative effects of duplicate content, the main reasons for people to add it to websites and the pros of having unique, well-written articles.

To find out more about the topic and its connection to good SEO, read the article and the list of SEO recommendations.

Online Video Marketing is Growing More Popular

Interactive content is highly popular in the world of online marketing. Most experts understand the importance of video marketing and a recent study has confirmed the fact that its popularity is on the rise.

According to an article on nett.com.au, video advertising has seen a 58 percent increase over the past 12 months. Researchers believe that the trend resulted from the fact that many television viewers are already looking for video content online.

To find the other interesting findings of the online video marketing study, visit the nett.com.au article.

Great Tips for Improving your SEO

With the advent of the search engine, thousands of SEO companies have sprung up. Some are great, others not so much. Some businesses go through one SEO consultant after the next, spending loads of money and never really seeing any solid results.

David Braue, on the Australian NETT blog, offers some handy advice. He discusses the ins and outs of hiring a consultant, but mostly, he offers great tips on ways to improve your SEO. Some of his top tips:

  • Know your business
  • Research, research, research
  • Think laterally and socially
  • Monitor your progress – and tweak your approach as needed.

For the full article, head over to the NETT blog: How to Improve SEO

Can an Introvert Build a Thriving Online Audience?

Melissa Ng is a New York entrepreneur and blogger. She is also a self-proclaimed introvert, yet she has managed to capture the hearts and minds of her audience.

She shares some of her personal keys to success in a fantastic article on copyblogger.com. In her post, she makes the clear point that shyness or introversion shouldn’t hold you back from achieving online business goals.

If you are an introvert aspiring to online greatness, you’ll do well to check out Melissa’s excellent piece here: 5 Ways an Introvert Can Build a Thriving Online Audience

How to Make Marketing Videos With Your iPhone [Podcast]

Is it possible to create professional-looking marketing videos using just your iPhone?

Absolutely, according to a new podcast on Flying Solo.

Former BBC, MTV and Pimp My Ride TV director and producer Jules Watkins spills the beans on how to make your own promotional videos quickly and easily, without spending a fortune on equipment.

You can listen to the podcast here: Create iPhone marketing videos