How to Make Great Customer Support Profitable

Great customer support can be a tough thing to provide, but in most cases, it’s not something you can do without. Many companies figure that while it’s necessary, it won’t ever generate a profit. That’s not necessarily so, as John Jantsch points out in his recent article at Duct Tape Marketing.

Jantsch points out a host of companies that have started turning a healthy profit from their customer support centres (e.g. – the Apple Genius Bar) – and he shows how they’re doing it.

Check out the full article here: 5 Ways to Turn Incredible Customer Support Into a Profit Centre

5 Ways to Make Your Business Sound Unique (When It Isn’t)

This is a guest post from copywriter, copywriting trainer and blogger Belinda Weaver. Take it away Belinda:

EggOne of the foundations of effective marketing is to be clear about your unique selling proposition. That is, the special something that makes your business different and gives customers a reason to choose you over your competitors.

But what if your business isn’t actually unique? Most of our businesses aren’t. Not really.

As a copywriter my business is, in essence, much like Charles’s. We solve the same problems and offer similar services. We’re both very good at what we do and we’re competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other copywriters.

If your business is in the same position, here are five ways you can give your biz some unique shiz and bring out your own brand of unique awesome:

1. Create a unique brand personality

Your brand is a combination of your story, your skills and your style and it can make your business as unique as you are. Branding goes way beyond a logo. Good branding starts with the personality of your business and the promises you make to your customers.

To start defining your brand personality, consider how you’d describe your business if it were a person. Is it funny and quirky? Or serious? Is it speedy and helpful? Or luxurious and a bit posh? How does this affect the way your brand interacts with customers?

2. Make the mundane exciting

In most cases, you’ll have a lot of features that make your product or service marketable. But that doesn’t mean they’re exciting or unique.

You can give your features a bit more pizzazz by giving them more explanation. Dig into the story behind the feature to reveal why clients should care. That’s what your marketing should focus on, bringing you one step closer to standing apart from your competitors.

3. Emphasise an aspect no one else talks about

If you don’t think your product or service is unique, write down all the features you offer. I mean all of them – even the ones you think are too small for anyone to care about. Maybe you have an extra stage in your quality control process, or you always answer enquiries within an hour. Maybe your packaging is made from recycled materials or your business is carbon neutral.

In your list will be at least a few features that your competitors aren’t talking about. It could be because they don’t offer them, which gives you a unique selling point right there. It could be that you have found a feature you can turn a spotlight on to make your business sound unique.

4. Focus on the big benefit

While your competitors are focusing on the many benefits your shared product or service offers, it’s time to choose one benefit. A big one. I’ve talked a lot about features so far but your marketing should go beyond features, to focus on the real benefit those features offer.

It’s the difference between a rubber-gripped hammer and a safe way of improving your home. While your competitors are focusing on the rubber, or the comfortable grip, you can skip straight to keeping yourself and your family safe.

5. Offer something unique

It sounds crazy but you can actually offer something unique as well. It might be a free report that helps show off your skills, or a consultation that talks through some of your customers’ initial questions.

Look for add-ons and incentives your customers will think are valuable but are actually relatively low cost for you to offer.

With a bit of thinking time and some imagination, you can make your business stand out from the crowd.

About the author:
Belinda Weaver shares her proven techniques for creating engaging brands through awesome copywriting. Checkout for copywriting courses, coaching and content and find out when her next Copywriting Master Class is open for enrolments.