The 4 “Secret” Ingredients of a Profitable Website

IngredientsEvery profession has its secrets.

Accountants have tax loopholes. Photographers use PhotoShop to make their portrait sitters look younger. Chefs have recipes passed down from their grandmothers. And successful online marketers also have insider information.

Okay, maybe the four ingredients of a profitable website that I’m about to reveal aren’t exactly secret. They’ve been written about endlessly on the Web and in articles and books. But they may as well be secret for all the attention most small business website owners pay to them.

Few business owners spend enough time figuring out what constitutes a profitable website before they pour money into the project. So while some of these ingredients may seem obvious, many business owners neglect one or more of them. And the result is inevitably a do-nothing website.

To avoid that fate, be sure to include ALL the following ingredients when you upgrade your website: