How to Write Outstanding Facebook Status Updates

If you’re going to stand out on Facebook, you’ve got to grab your readers’ attention. You’ve got to give them a reason to stop scrolling and take notice. How do you do that? With really great status updates.

Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, offers some great tips on the topic in his recent blog post. A couple take-aways:

  • Keep things short and snappy. People don’t like reading long updates.
  • Make it personal. People get on Facebook to hear about personal life.

Get the full article here: The Art of Writing Great Facebook Status Updates

Why Are Sites Outranking You?

If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your website’s SEO, you may be left with the looming question: “Why are X and Y sites still outranking me in certain keywords?”

Guest poster Matt at the SEOmoz blog offers some invaluable advice. Thankfully, he goes beyond the metrics and gives readers a look at the bigger picture of what really goes into page rankings. Specifically, he gives a list of the data that Google tracks, including:

  • Visit duration
  • Pages per visit
  • On page factors
  • Algorithmic and manual penalties
  • Social share metrics
  • Anchor text
  • 301 redirects

Find out why these things matter to your site ranking: Going Beyond Moz Metrics to Answer: “Why is this Site Outranking Me?”

Before and After Editing Sample

Compare the original with my plain English version.

Original version:

One2Talk Starter is client software runs on your computer to realize mobile usage experience on PC. One2Talk Starter enables user to make/ receive phone calls, leave voicemail, instant message and transfer file etc. The One2Talk Starter User Guide provides you with the instructions necessary to get up and running with this product. This guide also describes the capabilities of the One2Talk client, a feature-rich user interface.

After plain English editing:

One2Talk Starter is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service which converts your PC to a VoIP phone. It enables you to make and receive phone calls, leave voicemail, instant message, transfer files and more.

This User Guide gives you all the instructions you need to get One2Talk Starter up and running. It also outlines the capabilities of the One2Talk client, a feature-rich user interface.

text-centric: What’s in a Name?

When I started my freelance copywriting business I decided to call it text-centric because I though it was a witty description of what my business was about.

According to the Macquarie Dictionary:
text – “the actual wording of anything written or printed”
centric – “focussed on… a specific interest”

So text-centric = focussed on writing.

Trouble is no one really gets it except me. And worse, most people (including me sometimes) don’t pronounce it properly. Many people say “tech-centric” and one friend insisted on referring to my business as “text-eccentric”!

Right from the word go I targeted web writing – first editorial content and then website copywriting. Back in 1997 the web was just getting fired up. Writing for the web seemed a good marketing niche and I wanted to be involved in the cultural shift that was taking place.

Some years later I was reading Nick Usborne’s excellent book on web copywriting, Net Words, and I came across a couple of quotes which vindicated my choice of business name:

“The web was and is the most text-centric of all business environments.” p 21

“How can a commerce site survive within an environment as text-centric as the Net without the heavy influence of a writer?” p28

Sadly, Nick’s message about the necessity for website copywriters hasn’t fully caught on yet, but gradually people are getting it.