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The 14 Most Effective Website Tactics to Attract More Customers and Boost Sales… That Your Website Designer Didn’t Tell You!

The purpose of a business website is to attract new customers, increase sales, and ultimately boost profits for the business. But most websites fail miserably at this simple goal.

According to the 2008 Sensis e-Business report, only 13% of Australian websites actually generate more business.

This means 87% of websites just sit there and do nothing. That’s right… they deliver no customer enquiries… no new customers… no sales… absolutely nothing. What a waste of money!

Here’s why most websites fail

It’s a simple fact: most website designers don’t know the first thing about marketing.

They might build you a good-looking website. But they’ll leave you in the dark about what it really takes to create a profitable website – one that attracts customer enquiries and improves sales.

If you want to attract more customers, increase sales revenue and fatten your bottom line, you must implement proven website marketing tactics.

The TRUTH about what it takes to create a profitable website

Based on 12 years’ research, The Profitable Website Cheat Sheet shows you the top 14 proven website marketing tactics to generate a flood of customer enquiries, increase sales and fatten your bottom line.

Written in plain English, it reveals:

  • The under-utilised tactic to capture your website visitors’ names and addresses that also positions you as an expert in your field.
  • The 3 things you must put on your home page to stop visitors hitting the back button.
  • Why persuasive content is much more important to your website’s success than its design and graphics.
  • The 7 key factors to improve the credibility of your website and get more people to buy from you.
  • Tips for improving every aspect of your website, without a hint of technical mumbo jumbo.

Best of all, it gives you a concise action plan to transform a do-nothing website into a sales-boosting customer magnet – without spending a fortune on website design.

Download your FREE Cheat Sheet now

This two-page cheat sheet is more useful than most $39 books on website marketing. Plus, it’s free and you can download a copy right now.

In just 10 minutes you’ll know more than most web designers about how to create a profitable (not just a good-looking) website – the sort that generates customer enquiries and boosts sales.

If you’re frustrated with the lacklustre or non-existent results from your website, download The Profitable Website Cheat Sheet now and discover how to transform your website into a profit-generating asset to your business.

Good Content is (Still) Crucial to Your Website

In these days of viral videos, Flash presentations and other multimedia fanfare, it’s easy to wonder if good old fashioned copy (you know, words) still has a place in online sales and marketing.

In case you’ve forgotten, Ken MacGriffin at Wordtracker give us 6 Reasons Why Content is Crucial to Your Website. Some ideas he brings up include:

Well written content has residual value. Useful, helpful information will still bring in web traffic for years to come.

Content drives social networking activity. Twitter trending topics, Digg spikes and other social networking activity surges often have one thing in common: a link to a piece of captivating content.

Quality content builds your website’s credibility in search engines as readers discover it and begin sharing links to your site around the web. This, in turn increases both your traffic and search engine rankings.

Bells and whistles can create a traffic surge. But remember quality content will keep bringing new eyes on your website week in, week out.

Consider the cost of great content as an investment toward the long-term success of your website.