What You Should Ask Before Accepting a Guest Post

One way to add good quality content to your blog is to invite posts from guest bloggers.

That said, you certainly don’t want to accept a blog post from just anyone. And the last thing you want is a post that offers little value to your site, except to promote the person who is writing it.

What’s your best option to get the kind of guest post that reflects well on both parties? Knowing the right questions to ask before you accept a guest post is a start.

SEO copywriting guru Heather Lloyd-Martin reveals all here: 5 questions to ask before accepting a guest post

Marketing Managers: When It Comes To Copywriting, Who’s In Your Corner?

When the success of your company’s marketing rides on your shoulders you need a copywriter who can deliver targeted copy that motivates your customers to take action.

You want a copywriter with a proven track record who easily grasps your situation and writes copy that helps you achieve your marketing objectives. And sometimes you just need fresh copy for your website, brochures, or direct mail without the overheads of an advertising or PR agency.

Price and quality both?
You bet. As a marketer, you know that most price-and-quality offers are fakes. Not this one.

When it comes to long copy – website content, brochures, newsletters, case studies, etc. – I write as well, if not better, than most agency copywriters. But with my low overheads I charge much less than agencies. You win with better writing at a better price.

100% satisfaction guarantee
I want you to be totally satisfied with the copy I write for you. That’s why I offer all my copywriting clients a worry-free guarantee.

What’s next?

Or, if you’d like to explore how we can begin a mutually beneficial relationship, please get in touch.