Website Content Consulting

When it comes to developing website content many companies are at a loss. They’re not sure what they should be saying online and how they should be saying it.

The rules of print publishing do not apply on the web. It’s a whole new ball game. The consequences of getting it wrong are dire. Poor quality website content irritates potential customers and destroys hard-earned brand equity.

“The graphics and the technology are a minor part of web success. The content is the hard part, and it is also what will make your website a success or failure.”
Gerry McGovern, author of Content Critical

Good content = website success
The secrets to compelling website content are a customer focus, providing the right information and resources, and an easy-to-use design and layout. When you get it right you can expect:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • More enquiries and sales from your website, and
  • A better return for your website marketing investment.

Website content consulting services
With experience in website copywriting, SEO copywriting and information architecture, I can help with virtually every aspect of your website content, including:

  • Website reviews with concrete suggestions for improvements
  • Consulting to determine the content you need to help you achieve your marketing goals
  • Improving website useability and information architecture, and
  • Developing email newsletters.

Let’s talk
If you need help developing the right content for your website or email newsletter please contact me