The best online resources for website copywriters

Here’s a selection of the best websites and e-newsletters for website copywriters I’ve found on my travels around the Web:
Nick Usborne’s e-newsletter focuses on copywriting and content writing, with an emphasis on the Web.

New Thinking
Gerry McGovern’s weekly e-newsletter focuses on web content management, information architecture and writing for the Web.

“Copywriting tips for online marketing success”
Everything you need to know about SEO copywriting.

Writing for the Web
Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen’s excellent collection of articles plus recommended books.

This comprehensive web writing style guide was also co-authored by Nielsen.

Writing Effectively Online: How to Compose Hypertext
An oldie but a goodie!

Excellent definition of “marketing” #2

“My definition of ‘marketing’ is putting your product or service in its best light so that it persuades others to investigate and hopefully buy it. I think that marketing is basically a replacement for door-to-door selling. If we could all afford to knock on everyone’s door and put forward the best case for our product then we would because one-on-one conversation is pretty hard to beat. But because that’s not possible, we come up with marketing that will, at the end of the day, be a replacement for what we would have said if we were having a chat.”

Australian advertising savant Siimon Reynolds from Secrets of Male Entrepreneurs Exposed!