Your Website Sucks! 2nd edition

Now with 11% more value-destroying website mistakes!

YWS_webI have updated Your Website Sucks! to address another value-destroying website mistake: failing to convert browsers into leads.

The second edition of the eBook includes a simple yet effective strategy for turning your website into a lead generation machine. This will be of particular interest to B2B marketers.

Also, here’s some praise I’ve had for Your Website Sucks!:

“If you own a website, you need to read this book.”
Will Swayne, internet marketing consultant

“It’s a fab book! You have captured the practicalities of web development in an easy-to-read manner.”
Raphael Murphy, lecturer in Advertising Management at UniSA

Download your free copy here

Tips on Keyword Selection for Content Marketing SEO

Keyword selection can be a tedious process, and because of that, some content marketers just shoot from the hip rather than putting due effort into research and analysis.

If you consistently avoid the tough work of research, you may end up still ranking forsomething (since good content does have value); however, you’re likely short-changing your SEO strategy in the long run.

Mike Murray, Founder of Online Marketing Coach, discussed this issue in his recent post at the CMI blog. To streamline the process, he offers 12 key questions that you can ask at the beginning of your SEO efforts. Hit the jump for the handy checklist: 12 Tips for Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEO