B2B Marketing and Business Development Managers: Are You Struggling to Generate Leads and Increase Sales?

Attracting QUALITY sales leads… the kind that are more likely to be converted into sales… can be a constant struggle for B2B marketers. And once you’ve got qualified leads you need to build their trust and convert them into customers.

At the same time you’re trying to position your products and company as a better alternative than the competition, while proving to your superiors there’s a return on the marketing dollars you’ve spent.

Targeted, responsive and measurable B2B marketing
More than 70% of business buyers use the internet to research products, qualify companies, and make buying decisions. You must have the right “marketing content strategy” in place, or you’ll be left behind.

Whether it’s online lead generation, downloadable sales support material or e-commerce, online marketing is targeted, responsive and measurable.

Sometimes you need a little help
The internet has come from nowhere to become an important marketing channel in less than 10 years. This explosive growth makes it difficult to keep up with the latest technologies and marketing strategies.

Many marketing managers need some guidance on how to get the most value out of their websites and email marketing, especially when it comes to the essential strategies and content to attract leads and increase sales.

Online marketing results = strategy + customer-focused content
Effective online marketing has the right combination of strategy and customer-focused content. First, you must align your strategy with your business goals. Then you need to create content that attracts leads and drives sales. Your online content must also be optimised for the search engines so prospects can easily find you online.

Business buyers expect to find the products and services they need on the internet in JUST A FEW MINUTES! If they can’t find you, they’ll go to your competitors.

B2B online marketing expert
I help B2B companies with the problem of under-performing online marketing that doesn’t deliver enough leads and sales. I do that by combining simple but effective online marketing strategies with high quality copywriting.

The end result is a cost-effective and measurable online marketing system that generates leads, boosts sales and builds the brand.

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