Website Copywriting Podcast: How to Write Direct Response Website Copy Without Appearing “Tacky”

Despite being one of the most efficient, cost effective and intelligent marketing weapons, direct response marketing (aka DR) has an image problem. It’s usually associated with junk mail, infomercials, and ads for nasty porcelain figurines in the back of the TV guide.

However, the principles of DR can be applied widely and it doesn’t have to be “tacky” or “low rent”. Knowledge of DR is particularly important for internet marketers as the web is the most interactive and responsive of all marketing environments.

DR is all about getting people to take action. And that’s also the goal of your website e.g. click here, download this report, sign up for our newsletter, read this, buy now, etc.

Last month Will Swayne from Marketing Results invited me to join him on a podcast to discuss how to apply the principles of DR copywriting to websites.

Listen in and you’ll discover how to write direct response website copy without appearing “tacky”. Those hype-y, looooooooooong scrolling sales letter-style websites are obvious examples of online DR copywriting (which some may consider tacky), but there are also many other useful applications.

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